Miss Karma K

Miss Karma K


Miss Karma K

Hello everyone, my stage name is Karma K and I’m a proud trans woman and drag artist local to Saskatoon! I do a number of things such as dance, lip-synch, and sing live. I have a love for sewing and make most everything I wear in drag. I grew up in small-town Kindersley and very quickly found a passion for drag and sewing once coming to Saskatoon.

Downtown Saskatoon is where everything is happening, having a career as a drag performer keeps me busy, especially during the nightlife Downtown where a majority of my work as a drag queen is. All of the city’s main events are typically held Downtown, and where the main event is, I’m usually there or not far away.

In the future I see myself travelling a lot more and taking on drag full-time. It may not be in the near future, but it will happen at some point. In terms of Downtown development around drag, I would love to see more cafés and diners working with performers to put on brunches and daytime shows that everybody can attend.

When I am not performing you can find me shopping. I personally am a bit of a shopaholic, so I will roam around Midtown aimlessly with coffee in hand often. I also enjoy going to Downtown cafés with my Friends, I find it nice to be able to just talk with people.

Saskatoon is special to me because it is the city where I found the opportunity to do a lot of things I didn’t imagine I would be doing.

Keep an eye on my Instagram for all Downtown Saskatoon performances.
You can also get a hold of me through @misskarma.k for bookings and any other inquiries.