Clean Team


For many years, Downtown Saskatoon BID has employed a Clean Team to contribute to the beautification of the Downtown District through a sidewalk, alley, and street level cleaning program. Seasonal work includes flower pot watering, sidewalk pressure washing, and clearing snow from sidewalks and pedestrian walkways.

Year round there are seven team members and those numbers are augmented with summer staff from May to August. Our team wears bright orange shirts for maximum visibility and our overall goal is to maintain a clean and inviting environment for everyone!

In 2021, Clean Team members comprised of six full time staff and two summer students accomplished the following: removed approximately 105,000 pounds of garbage; filled 4,239 garbage bags; picked up thousands of cigarette butts; watered 440 flower pots and some trees and shrub beds; removed 2,368 pieces of graffiti; picked up 2,194 sharps; removed over 2,200 larger items from alleys or sidewalks; and spent 1,137 hours on snow clearing activities.

The Clean Team works Monday to Sunday 7 am to 3 pm, year round. In summer, team members start as early as 6 a.m.

Team members maneuver primarily on foot but we do have a fleet of vehicles that help keep the district as clean as possible! Our utility vehicle is used year-round; a truck carries many pounds of water to water flowers; Since 2017, in partnership with the City of Saskatoon, we operate a micro air sweeper on the streets to remove the grit; In the winter, we augment snow clearing required of property and business owners using two snow clearing machines.

Staff members maintain the poster directories located throughout the district. Before postering, you are encouraged to refer to the City of Saskatoon The Poster Bylaw #7565 covering this activity. Posters larger than 11” x 17” will be removed as will posters that advertise an event more than 30 days in advance of it.

Additionally, graffiti removal is a task our team supports and performs. To grant Downtown Saskatoon permission to help, please fill out and return this form (once), as well as make a request for the specific graffiti requiring removal.

For more information on the team, services they provide, and requests for service, contact the Operations Supervisor, Jamie, at [email protected] or call 306.664.0711.