Santa Claus

Santa Claus


Santa Claus

Santa’s coming, Santa’s Coming!

Get your boots, grab your mitts it’s almost time for the Santa Claus parade.

With Mr. Claus about to commence his world tour, we were lucky enough to have a quick little sit down with him and ask some questions.

You can also ask him all your own questions starting November 19th at Midtown too.

Hello Mr. Santa Claus, we are super excited to see you and with our upcoming Santa Claus Parade, we really want to know if you ever get nervous before a parade? We cant imagine being in front of that many people and not being a tiny bit scared.

Santas always nervous. You know I get so excited to see all the boys and girls, moms and dads, and grandmas and grandpas, that it’s hard not to be excited. There’s a lot of excitement going on all year but even more so during the holidays. It’s thrilling. One thing that is a HUGE help to me though is Mrs. Claus, without her I wouldn’t have the strength to do what I do. She also has a little secret in keeping everything running smoothly. She does the best baking in the world that not only gives me and all the elves the energy we need to keep moving, but also keeps me in perfect shape. Ho Ho Ho…

When you’re in a parade, and you see the kids just so excited to see you, how does that make you feel?

Well, actually, very humble that the children come out to see Santa and Mrs. Claus because for us, it’s a special time of year. It’s all about families and children. And I’m very excited to see the families and children on parade day. It is truly everyone’s smiling faces that give us the happiness to work all year and get everything ready for the 25th of December. Smiles are what fuel the North Pole after all.

What colour was your hair before it was white?

You know, I can’t remember. I am pretty old you know and after reading as many naughty and nice lists as I do it gets hard to remember when I was a kid. Maybe we should ask Rudolph, they have the best memory out of us all, to be honest.

Do you have a cookie preference?

Santa loves all cookies. Chocolate chip, oatmeal and raisin, peanut butter, Santa loves them all. Mrs. Claus makes butter tarts, and Santa loves those as well. That’s what she sends every day for our elves when we’re down here working the night away.

Last question for you Santa, what is your favourite thing about visiting Downtown Saskatoon?

Ho Ho Ho… seeing all the people of course. Downtown Saskatoon is full of amazing people doing amazing things. I never leave hungry and I always find a gift for Mrs. Claus! My absolute favourite thing about being here though is always waving at all those smiling faces that come out to say hi to Mrs. Claus and I. Nothing makes me feel better than a friendly Saskatoon smile and a wave.

Well Santa, Rudolph is telling us that it is time for you to go and get back to work. We thank you for spending some time with us considering how busy your schedule is and we can’t wait to see you Downtown Saskatoon for the Santa Claus Parade this Sunday the 19th at 1 PM.

You can view the parade route and more at