For The Love Of Art

For The Love Of Art


For The Love Of Art

StarPhoenix October 2021
Reported by Jocelyn Bennett


October marks the return of bright autumn leaves, cooler weather and sweater season. What better time to explore Saskatoon art galleries? These galleries feature the works of local and worldwide artists. Here are five galleries and the exhibits they have on display this month, writes


Alley Gallery animates alleys in the heart of downtown Saskatoon, celebrating an otherwise overlooked space. Metal doors at the backs of participating buildings have been repurposed into art displays.

Sarah Marchildon, program director for the Downtown Saskatoon Business Improvement District, said the gallery is “an accessible way for our community artists to display their art when, through this pandemic, that was not always possible.”

It also works as a deterrent to graffiti, which alleys are notorious for, she said.

The gallery is located in the alleys between Third and Fourth venues South and 20th and 21st Streets East, and include Hudson’s back door. A self-guided walking tour, artist information and a tour map can be found on the dtnyxe website…

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