October 8, 2019

Fall means different things to different people, but one symbol of the season that reigns supreme–next to seasonal coffees and pumpkin-scented anything, of course–is fall fashion. And today, we’re not focusing on the sweater variety we often associate this crisp weather with. Today, we’re stepping into the season with our best foot forward with women’s fall boots and shoes.

Bricker’s and Burtons are family-owned Downtown Saskatoon shoe stores that are celebrating their 79th and 80th years, respectively, which leads us to believe they’re doing something right. From their proper fittings often known exclusively to higher-end shoe stores, to the wide array of European styles and sizes, it’s likely a few things.

Not that we need to state the obvious, but September in the Prairies can be a challenge to dress for – one day it feels like August, and the next day it snows. The type of footwear to reach into the closet for is anyone’s guess; ‘is it a boot?’ ‘Is it a heel?’ ‘Am I diving back into sandals? – does that look weird?’

Let’s check out a few must-have styles from Bricker’s and Burtons that will take you from the beginning to the end of the season, and certainly to the best dressed list in DTNYXE.


1. TACK by Bos and Co.

These leather, reptile print waterproof boots are not only the epitome of on-trend for fall 2019, but they have a nice block heel for all day comfort.

Burton’s For Shoes


2. LULU by Unity in Diversity

These boots were definitely made for walking.

The cargo/military style here isn’t lacking any character, and they also fit like a glove (or, like a boot is supposed to). They add major style points to even the most basic of outfits, and can be dressed up or down, despite the wonky weather that’s thrown at us.

Bricker’s Shoes



This European shoe is made with natural and recycled materials. It’s beyond comfortable and, with the cute baubles and fur, pretty much made to be strolling the DTNYXE streets in.

Burtons For Shoes


4. MEL by Walking Cradles*

When you miss sandals, but it’s October.

These saucy corsette-style lace ups have a pillowy footbed and will have you feeling like you’re walking (let’s be honest, strutting) on air. These are a great transition shoe for this awkward, in-between-season when you want to dress up for brunch, or head out for cocktails after work

*Available in widths from 3A to 2W to suit all women’s feet

Burtons For Shoes

5. GLAM by Portofino

These stylish, mixed leather kicks are orthotic-friendly and just as comfortable as they look. With stretchable leather for sensitive feet, we bet you’ll find a way to incorporate these trendy, versatile sneakers into all your fall looks.

Burtons For Shoes

6. T1251 – Brenda Zaro

Leopard print is a hot ticket item for fall. These pumps can be dressed up or incorporated into semi-casual wear, and a great way to spice up your fall office attire.


This leopard bag is as cute as it is comfortable to wear. Wear it off one shoulder, or with the cross body option.

Bricker’s Shoes


7. T3437 – Brenda Zaro

These aren’t regular black pumps, they’re cool black pumps. They’re perfect for the gal who’s not ready to fully ditch the open toe summer shoes. They’re donned with a cool heel, decorated with silver studs, and they show a little skin for those sandal-loving, non committal types.

Bricker’s Shoes


8. Rapture by Stuart Wietzman

These fabric boots have a classy heel and can be (you guessed it!) dressed up or down. They’re also timeless and will go with pretty much all types of coats or jackets.

Bricker’s Shoes


Inspired to level up your fall wardrobe with practical, yet fashionable footwear? Find them (and many other gorgeous, quality shoes and boots) at:

Burtons for Shoes – 133 2nd Ave. N, Saskatoon


Bricker’s Shoes – 216 21st St. E, Saskatoon