We’re excited to launch the very first blog post on the new Be Downtown Blog, and even more excited to give you glimpses into our favourite spots and shops around DTNYXE – some old, some new, and that together all make the downtown district the vibrant and colourful place we know it as today.

We’re planning on creating some great content for you so that you never need to wonder where to eat, shop, play and–if you’re visiting Saskatoon–where to stay while you’re here.

We’re lucky to have such great shopping in our district and, specifically, trend setter stores that constantly stock their racks and shelves with new arrivals–we’re looking at you, Tonic.

So come join us downtown, follow our blog, and pop into Tonic (read on to check out some spring looks and find out why). For additional content and other ideas for where to go downtown, also be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.