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As soon as we heard Paramount DaySpa Salon Boutique was offering men’s hot shaves, we had to sit down with Sarah Dutka, Director of Sales, and Lauren Evans, Stylist and Barber, and find out more about the Downtown day spa’s hot new men’s service.

In fact, we thought we’d give our Clean & Safe Team a break from the cold and send them over for a little pampering to test it out. They clean up pretty nicely, don’t you think?


Lauren with the Clean & Safe Team


And now for our Q+A with Sarah Dutka, Director of Sales at Paramount DaySpa Salon Boutique!

1. DTNYXE: Have you always offered men’s hot shaves at Paramount, or is it something new you’ve recently brought on since Lauren has recently completed her barber class?

SD: Hot Shaves are a new service to Paramount. We have been expanding our menu of male-specific services, and with Lauren’s passion for barbering it just made sense to add it to our menu.



2. DTNYXE: What is all involved in a mens hot shave? Is it something men who work downtown can have done on their lunch break?

SD: Absolutely! It’s a very customized experience that, like all of our services, is tailored to the guests’ needs. During the service we use multiple hot towels to soften the facial hair and open up the pores. A barber shave is applied with a Badger Brush and a straight razor is used to remove the hair. Two passes are done working with and against the direction of hair growth to ensure an impeccably smooth shave. The service is completed with a cold towel to close pores, a relaxing facial massage and after-shave.

We have a few hot shave services to choose from!

The Classic Shave is our basic service, and the Deluxe Shave includes an extended massage encompassing the neck, shoulders and scalp. All of our Hot Shave services include a quick cleanup of the hair line. Guests can make it a complete package by including a haircut with their shave service.

This is a great service to book on a lunch break, before a special event or as part of a regular shave routine.



3. DTNYXE: Have you noticed the stigma associated with men receiving spa services decreasing as of late? If so, why do you think that is?

SD: There is a big increase in men coming to the spa. More men are open to the idea now and not only see it as a relaxing service but see the health aspect of it as well.

With social media, men are exposed to ourindustry morethan before which has definitely helped increase men’s awareness.


4. DTNYXE: Why should men get facials?

SD: Regardless of gender, we all need to take care of our skin! The beauty industry has advanced over the years to develop skin care lines specific to men. Having said that, all skin care products and

treatments are unisex, but a men’s specific line will typically have a more masculine scent and are designed to be quick and easy to use.

Men also want to look youthful, and more and more they are turning to skin care and facial treatments to achieve this.



5. DTNYXE: What are your top men’s services and what do you attribute that to?

SD: Our foot and hand care arecurrently our most popular services. Many men come in with their partner for foot and hand care/manicure and pedicure in our group room and enjoy having a beer or glass of wine during their service. Some men also enjoy coming in with their daughter for a daddy daughter date and many now come on their own, since they understand the importance of self-care and the health aspect of taking care of their hands and feet.

Our second most popular would be hair removal. We offer a variety of hair removaloptionsincluding sugaring, waxing and laser hair removal.

When it comes to men’s services, we also offer men’s cuts, massages, men’s facial treatment sand of course, hot shaves!

Another service we just introduced to our menu is our Daddy Daughter “How To” Hair Class. This is a one-on-one class with a stylist where a guy can learn up to 3 different styles for his daughter’s hair all while spending quality time with his little girl. Of course this class is open to everyone and not just dads. More information on our classes can be found on our website.


Curt, Clean & Safe Team Ambassador


6. DTNYXE: What would you say the approximate ratio between men and women clientele is at Paramount?

SD: I would say that 20% of our clientele is male and steadily growing. While designing our new location on 3rd Avenue, it was important to us to ensure that all ages and genders felt comfortable walking through our doors and during their treatments.

We have a number of groups that book with us and many men come for their first treatment with their partner and enjoy it so much they start to come on their own.

We are also continuing to expand our men’s menu, and as that grows, our male clientele seems to follow suit as well.


Is it time for your hot shave? Book with Lauren before March 31stand take advantage of this limited time special pricing!