whats up downtown

Shoppers Drug Mart

Hello! My name is Savanna, and I’m the beauty Boutique manager at Midtown Shoppers Drug Mart! I have a

Naidu Law

Hello, my name is Ashala Naidu, I am a mom and a wife, a sister, daughter and friend, and

Hunger Cure Restaurant

Hello, my name is Kunal Makkar I am the owner of Hunger Cure Restro Bar on 2nd Ave in

Ukrainian Museum of Canada

Hello, my name is Jen and I’m the Executive Director & CEO of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. I’m

Mayor Charlie Clark

Hello everyone, my name is Charlie Clark and I am the Saskatoon Mayor. I first started working Downtown 19

High Key Brew Co

Hello everyone, I am the founder of High Key Brewing Co. My business partner and Head Brewer, Daniel and


Hi, my name is Maxwell, I’m a local Saskatoon musician/producer and I’ve currently been the Store Manager of Tweed

Purrfect Cup Cat Cafe

Hello, My name is Sydney, my fiance Casey and I are the owners of The Purrfect Cup Cat Cafe.

Citizen Cafe

Hello, my name is Brittany Brown, I‘m the owner of Citizen Café and Bakery. My passion for feeding the

Mini Fridge Theatre

Hello, my name is Michael Neuert and I’m a founding member and business partner of Mini Fridge Theatre Company.