Cherry’s Nail and Spa

Hello, I am Duc from Cherry’s Nails and Spa, a professional nail care that offers a relaxing escape from

Kayla at Pet Parlour

Hi, my name is Kayla, I am a dog stylist and the owner of YXE Pet Parlour. I grew

Dawn at Kids Physio

Hello, my name is Dawn Anderson, I am a Registered Nurse with nearly two decades of experience, specializing in

DEED – Take a virtual tour

Enjoy a virtual tour of the proposed Downtown Event and Entertainment District area. Explore the building’s facades, artworks, roadway,

DEED – Imagine it here

Imagine it here, a central gathering place for our city right in the heart of Downtown. A place not

Rachael Meckling

Hello, my name is Rachael Meckling, I am a Fashion Artist born and bred in Saskatoon. I earned my

Santa Claus

Santa’s coming, Santa’s Coming! Get your boots, grab your mitts it’s almost time for the Santa Claus parade. With

Rag and Brew

Hello and welcome to another installment of Hello Neighbour. Downtown is full of so many different businesses, some you