Support for Proposed Joint-Use Facility and
Downtown Entertainment District


DOWNTOWN SASKATOON – April 18, 2021 | In a letter penned to Saskatoon City Council, Downtown Saskatoon reiterates support for the proposed Joint-Use Facility and Downtown Entertainment District. Then on April 22, 2021 a follow-up letter applauded Council’s unanimous support!


Dear Council,

Downtown Saskatoon was encouraged to learn of the report being brought to City Council on April 19, 2021 dealing with the joint-use facility and the plan to establish an Entertainment District in this key part of our community. We need to ensure that our City has facilities that can attract and host events considering an ever-increasing level of competition from other jurisdictions.

We know from the March, 2018 report (An Analysis of New and/or Expanded Event and Convention Facilities in Saskatoon) that our current events and convention centres are both at their end of life. Planning for the future now is critical. Our current facilities lack attributes of competing facilities, and in some cases, Saskatoon has lost out on events and conferences that would otherwise bring with them significant economic activity.

The time is now to start conversations in earnest with a view to finding a way to make both these facilities a reality. We urge the City to select the site for these facilities at the earliest opportunity. Engaging with the community on innovative ways to fund these projects is essential. We are ready to envision the future with new public amenities that will act as a catalyst of growth, not just for Downtown, but for our entire City, and region.

Already home to world-class facilities such as Remai Modern, Persephone Theatre, robust shopping, a great culinary scene, and premier hotels, Downtown Saskatoon is ready to embrace a new Downtown Events + Convention Centre that will ensure Saskatoon maintains its reputation as an attractive, exciting city with a vibrant Downtown at its heart.



Brent Penner
Executive Director

cc:      Chris Beavis, Board Chair, Downtown Saskatoon
Jeff Jorgenson, City Manager


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