Winter 2020 (or really, anytime there’s snow!)


City of Saskatoon Bylaw 8463, Section 7 states: a property owner or occupant shall clear or remove snow or ice or other loose debris from a sidewalk by causing it to be placed on private property.  If it is impractical, the person may place snow or ice in the roadway adjacent to such sidewalk but must do so in a manner that does not create a hazard or interfere with the use of the roadway.

  1. Property Owners or Tenants (per your own arrangements) are required to remove snow from the entire sidewalk & amenity strip surrounding their entire property; this includes all the way around large parking lots, and all the way along your building, not just the front door.
  2. If a city-grass area or other logical holding space for snow exists, snow should be shoveled to that spot, and not pushed onto the street.
  3. If only cement or paving stone exist between the building and the street, push snow on to the street, into the parking lanes; spread it as thinly as possible, so cars drive over it. This includes removing snow from around light posts, parking stations, trees, etc; do not pile snow on any part of these sidewalks, not even the sidewalk street edge.  Yes, really… it’s different than rules for at home, but in our commercial district, push it to the road & City of Saskatoon Public Works will come for it on their schedule.
  4. Properties with private spaces (parking lots, etc) that collect snow are responsible for the removal of that snow, and are not to push it on to the street.
  5. When required, consider using environmentally friendly de-icer for the safety of pedestrians (highly acidic/salty products will erode the concrete over time).
  6. Consider arranging third-party snow removal with neighbours to make better sense of the minimum hours they come out for.


As supplemental to your and the City’s efforts, DTNYXE staff provide additional snow clearing around wheelchair access ramps, benches and other amenity areas. With the acquisition of our own snow sweeper, you will also see us brushing snow along sidewalks. But don’t rely on us to do your job! We all have to help make the Downtown Saskatoon urban experience upscale and inviting.


Operations Supervisor