New Downtown Security Cameras

Downtown Saskatoon | October 2021 – The Downtown Saskatoon Business Improvement District has been involved in a variety of safety-related initiatives since its formation in 1986. From committee work advocating for improvements, meeting with police and other stakeholders, to being a key proponent and now the employer of the Community Support Program when it formed in 2012, safety for all has and always will be a guiding principle for our organization.

Most recently, we have partnered with several private property owners on the installation of security cameras for their properties. Security cameras are an effective crime prevention tool that also assist in solving crime. Following an incident, police will often canvass the area to see if video surveillance exists. The equipment was installed on properties on high pedestrian corridors and is not monitored. The Saskatoon Police Service was consulted as we embarked on this initiative. Cameras are simply another tool designed to ensure Downtown remains safe for everyone.

Of note, Downtown Saskatoon is pleased with the early results of the Alternative Response Officer Program that was launched by the Saskatoon Police Service in spring, 2021. We have received positive comments from stakeholders since this six-person patrol team started patrolling in our district.

As a reminder, it is of utmost importance to take the time + effort to report all incidents to Police. This puts dots on a map, which is how they staff accordingly. For emergencies in progress call 9-1-1. For an officer to attend for an incident after the fact call 306-975-8300.