Indefinite Article

Indefinite Article


Indefinite Article

Hello and welcome to another installment of Hello Neighbour.

Downtown is full of so many different businesses, some you may be familiar with and some you may just be discovering. Today we are sharing one of our many neighbours with you, please say hi to Marion and Orest, owners of “The Indefinite Article” antique shop – located at 249A – 2nd Ave S.


Hello everyone, we have been open for over 9 years, now, and look forward to celebrating ten years in 2023.


We are former educators in the Public School System and The University of Saskatchewan. We had antique shops early in our married life (pre-kids) and when we retired we made the decision to get back into the business. We started doing a couple of “Pop-up Shops” and decided to look for a permanent location in the Downtown Business District. We are so happy we found this place with easy access from hotels, restaurants, shopping, and walk-in traffic.


Our main goal is to capture Saskatchewan’s past. Most of our items are purchased here in the city. We focus on Saskatchewan and Indigenous Art Works, antique furniture, collectibles, jewelry, and nostalgic items.


We love to have people visit our shop, reminisce, and enjoy the past while searching for treasures.


For the past fifty-plus years we have spent much of our leisure time going to local restaurants, shopping, movie theatres, Persephone, The Remai Modern, and staycations in hotels. We hope to continue enjoying this city for many years to come.


Looking for that special treasure? Come on in, or contact us.

Email: [email protected]