how to get noticed by dtnyxe on social media 

Getting social media shares is of high priority for any marketer. Perhaps that’s because it’s an effective way to reach that audience and generate new business. It’s true – with more than a billion active Instagram and Facebook users, and almost 300 million on Twitter, who wouldn’t want to use the platforms as wisely as possible? Downtown Saskatoon understands the power of social media marketing, so we want to help our members thrive online during a time when it matters most. We want to help your business’ social content get in front of as many potential customers’ eyeballs as possible!

Our small team aims to promote DTNYXE businesses on social media – getting you even more eyeballs on your content. (At the time this blog was written) We have 6,908 followers on Instagram, 3,927 on Facebook + 3,844 on Twitter – follow us on all platforms at @DTNYXE. We want to share your content and fit it into our schedule – we want you to get those views! We have approximately 1,000 businesses in our district and with the way the social media algorithms work, we aren’t being served up your content evenly, or even at all.

Let us explain so you can bask in the limelight of interested social media followers, potential new customers, and of course us, @DTNYXE!

Instagram is one of the most popular and effective social media channels out there at the moment, so for this purpose, we’ll focus there. Most of these tips are best practices that apply to most social platforms.

Here are 4 simple tips to increase your chances of us and the public seeing + sharing your social content. Keep them in your back pocket for when you’re creating future posts!

 1. Post high quality, engaging content

It’s not really the Likes that are important, but the engagement! People are more likely to comment, Like, save or share a piece of content that is visually appealing, entertaining, and valuable or inspiring in some way. Ditch the pixilated or heavy text images, especially on a visual platform like Instagram!

When looking for shareable, Insta-worthy content, there are certain things we look for before we hit that ’share’ button. These days, more and more people are going to Instagram first when hearing about a new company or brand—yes, before Google or even a company’s website! With that being said, the Instagram feed should serve as the face of your business, and you should feel as though the type of content posted there will accurately shape followers’ first impressions of your business. With our Instagram feed, we intend to inspire our community with a destination for followers to share and collect beautiful and meaningful Downtown Saskatoon content!

For example, @DTNYXE’s Instagram feed is curated to act as the face of our brand, through visually appealing, high quality images of the district. The posts that live in this evergreen (permanent and not going anywhere!) space have a cohesive aesthetic and look great together at-a-glance, and as a set.

2. Promotions + events – we’ll share yours to our stories!

While we can’t possibly share everything to our Stories, there are ways to dramatically increase your chances of us sharing your time-sensitive information to this space. We want to hear about your promos, anniversaries, and events of any kind – we love bragging about our businesses’ accomplishments!

3. Participation

This one’s a given, but the more you participate in DTNYXE activities and events, the more we’ll have reason to feature you in our content plans! The best spot to keep up to date with our offerings is by reading our newsletter. We’re equally open to creative ideas of how we could work together – so come talk to us!

4. Mention + tag us!

 If you have great shots of your business’s storefront or your team having fun out in DTNYXE, be sure to mention us in your post with @dtnyxe so we can consider posting them to our feed. It’s also a great idea to use the hashtag #dtnyxe in your posts so we can access them later and share to our feed when relevant. Whenever fitting, please also use the following Downtown Saskatoon-branded hashtags when relevant:

#RoomToBreathe – use this for scenic posts of the district that show off the open prairie landscape and the DTNYXE skyline

#SpaceToGrow – use this for inspirational posts about opportunity and growth

 • #PlaceToBelong – use this for community-focused posts that showcase what Downtown is all about – the people!

 Also, don’t forget that depending on the platform and various settings, an account may not be able to share certain content unless they’re mentioned in it!

Photos top to bottom courtesy of: Winston’s English Pub, The Rook & Raven, and Blue Moose Media.