So you’ve registered for the 2ND AVE Sidewalk Sale. You’re fervently awaiting the rise of foot traffic to your business and the unmistakable spike in sales that come along with the famous Downtown Sale.

But before you sit back and wait for the annual July event to roll around, there a few things you can do online to ensure your time out there is well spent (Hint: it’s not just mentioning us with @dtnyxe, #shopthestreet and #dtnyxe, although those are important to stay in the Sidewalk Sale conversation and engage your target audience!). The 2ND AVE Sidewalk Sale is the most surefire way to get yourself in front of eager shoppers ready to shell out cash for the season’s hottest sales, but you’ll need to put on your marketing hat if you want to maximize your involvement and stand out amongst the crowd.

Call us mind readers but since you’ve registered for this event, we’re betting you’re looking for either a.) Increased brand awareness/exposure, b.) Increased sales or c.) Purging old inventory. We apologize if we’re wrong and that your sole intention is to take in the festival atmosphere and hang out with your DTNYXE neighbours all day–we don’t blame you, you just may find this post irrelevant!)

So anyways, back to the marketing hat. Let’s help you find one that fits!

Click here to access the social media Tool Kit, and read on about how social media (and the pre-made posts we’ve created for you!) can help you stand out at the hottest street sale in Downtown Saskatoon and drive sales!