Event + Entertainment District
It’s Got To Be Downtown Saskatoon


April 5, 2022 – Saskatoon is making a big decision about the Event + Entertainment District – #ItsGotToBeDowntown. This will be a place where we’ll hold our biggest events, conferences, sports + concerts. It’s going to keep Saskatoon on the map!

Inform yourself with the knowledge to support positive conversations at the water cooler, kitchen table + boardroom! Catch DTNYXE’s full video info-series on our social channels + here as they launch through spring. Topics will include economic benefit, civic self-esteem, walkability, and of course – parking…


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These facilities would increase visitation, then foot traffic for retailers + restaurants, and ultimately economic growth for Saskatoon.

As goes the Downtown, so goes the city. The investment in this infrastructure will enable new business, new growth, and new civic self-esteem. Using the 13,460 parking stalls Downtown will reduce congestion.

A facility like this one, with an entertainment district around it, will serve as a magnet to attract skilled professionals, students, businesses + others to our city for years to come.

There’s no better place to start a business than the City Center. These facilities would enhance the critical mass + level of confidence entrepreneurs need to get their business off the ground.

Having a thriving district with ideal infrastructure will provide opportunities to attract world-class acts.

These facilities don’t just have to be paid for by civic taxes – there are other options! This will contribute to employment + the economy for decades to come.

We already hang out Downtown with friends. These facilities would just make it more fun!

The density created by such a facility Downtown will support businesses, help bring people together, and help create a thriving environment.

It will be very beneficial to Downtown businesses, bringing customers to experience all Saskatoon has to offer.

Choosing to operate a business Downtown enables talent recruitment + retention. Staff teams enjoy everything our vibrant Downtown has to offer.

Live + belong in the heart + soul of it all.

Commuting in + out of the district will happen at varying stages + on multiple modes of transportation, eliminating the all too boring traffic jam.

Enjoy the walkability to culinary experiences, the river + more. This vibrancy is essential for locals + visitors, alike.

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