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Demand Clothing


Demand Clothing

Hey! Our names are Gio Ocampo, James Ronquillo, and Rhenz Santiago.

We recently moved to Saskatoon from Lloydminster and this city has become a way for us to break away from our small town. Since moving here in early March, we have been able to explore and discover the many things that Saskatoon has to offer. Our favorites being the river landing and the unique ambiance of Broadway and Downtown. A major quality that we love about Saskatoon is its diversity, from the people to the food, this city brings its own definition of community.


We originally moved to Saskatoon in order to chase our long-time dream of starting our very own clothing store. Ever since graduating high school, we knew that our passion for clothing would allow us to reach our goal of curating clothing that blends classic 90’s style and the modern aesthetics of today. We were drawn to a downtown location because of all of the unique businesses that already call Downtown home. We love that this is the center for local events and caters to the various communities that live in and around the city. Downtown on its own has such a vibrant atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on everyone that comes through. With our shop, we always plan to keep focusing on vintage, streetwear, and sneakers for everyone. However, we do envision growing and expanding our store location to include vintage furniture and vintage home decor.


One of the biggest things we love to do when not working is to have long walks along the river. The river is the heart of the city and it really stands out from other cities. We are also big fans of trying different types of cuisine and downtown provides lots of varieties of cultural food.

You can follow along with us online at and we hope to see you come to visit our shop soon.


Demand Clothing

139 2nd ave N Saskatoon