DEED Revenue Instruments Letter of Support

Dear Mayor Clark and City Councillors.

On behalf of the approximately 1,000 businesses that operate in this district, thank you for your continued diligence and effort toward the creation of the Downtown Event and Entertainment District. There is an understanding of the overall complexity of the project, and a firm resolve to its need.

As was heard recently in a keynote presentation by Dr. Mark Rosentraub, (University of Michigan) while in Saskatoon last week, there is widespread alignment in the revenue instruments analyzed by KPMG and the tools used to build similar facilities in many other cities across North America. It is indeed prudent to explore all viable options to finance these key pieces of infrastructure in Saskatoon.

Specific to the accommodation levy, Downtown Saskatoon supports the position taken by the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce that any levy must be guided by principles that include:

• Good governance

• Transparency of financial transactions

• A levy borne by hotel guests, not the hoteliers.

Downtown Saskatoon is committed to working with the city, community stakeholders, and others to bring these needed facilities to our city and region.


Brent Penner

Executive Director