For Immediate Release: October 18, 2013

City aims improves pedestrian safety with crosswalk enhancements

The City is piloting a new initiative that will hopefully improve pedestrian safety by enhancing crosswalks with skid resistant markings, which have recently been installed at 23rd Street and 2nd Avenue and 23rd Street and 3rd Avenue, near the downtown bus mall.

These special markings are known to outperform other road surfaces with an effective service life of six to eight years, do not wear through polishing and can be applied in custom shapes and colours.

“These markings are a great way to enhance pedestrian safety, especially at busy intersections because they are highly visible and are known to have a long life span,” says Transportation Branch Manager, Angela Gardiner.

The pilot markings feature a bright red colour topped with white zebra stripes and are consistent with national standards specified in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada.

“We will be monitoring the markings near the bus mall throughout the winter to evaluate its performance.  If they prove to be effective, we will consider expanding this initiative to other problematic intersections for pedestrians,” says Gardiner.

If these markings prove to be effective over the winter months, locations for more of these special markings will be determined by the City. These locations would be where current safety measures, such as zebra markings, are not effective. They would also be considered where enhanced pedestrian devices, such as pedestrian signals, are either not warranted or not the best solution for the roadway and surrounding land use.

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