October 2020 – Downtown Saskatoon is part of the Combined Business Group (CBG), an affiliation of 12 business organizations who collectively represent thousands of businesses employing tens of thousands of people in the Saskatoon Region. CBG brings tremendous value as stakeholders, and is highly invested in the City’s economy, community, and way of life. Simply put, a society is built by, for, and around its business community. Therefore, CBG is set to do everything within our respective powers to be mindful and proactive regarding the City’s responsibility to guide our community and move forward during these challenging times.

Heading into the municipal election, the leaders within the Combined Business Group discussed the issues affecting our business community and identified three focus areas that will require the City’s leadership as we move forward as a community: Public Safety/Crime/Policing, Business Attraction and Retention, and Sustainable & Resilient Growth. To read the entire document, click here.