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Caraway Grill

Hello, my name is Harshini, Akshat and myself moved to Regina from India a few years ago. We always wanted to start a restaurant as we both are passionate about food. We decided to relocate to Saskatoon in order to pursue our restauranteur dreams. We did not know much about the geography and demographics of Saskatoon so we relied on our customers to help us pick a location. Caraway Grill Regina has had many fans from Saskatoon who used to make special trips just for the food. These loyal customers suggested where we should be in the city and we trusted they wanted the best for us. Once we saw Saskatoons Downtown, we knew this is where we wanted to be. With so many offices around it was a great opportunity and a perfect community to join. After all, we are a quick lunch spot for anyone who is looking for both quality and a reasonable price in a timely fashion. We are also a great place to catch up with a friend, family meals, or that special date.


Saskatoon is such a vibrant city full of entrepreneurs with Downtown being a little global cuisine experience in itself. We have Louisiana Cajun/Creole, Japanese/Korean, Mexican, Italian, American/Canadian, and now Indian cuisine, all coming together. I feel this makes Downtown pretty international + interesting. We would love to see Downtown streets evolve to have more decorative lights and digital billboards, creating a visual experience for people to enjoy. A way for the streets to match the hustle and bustle energy going on within its businesses walls.


During the very few hours we are not working (story of every new entrepreneur), we like to go down to the river landing and enjoy the beauty of Saskatoon. We also love trying different types of food, so we randomly hop into many restaurants to enjoy a good meal.


Saskatoon has given us a chance to fulfill our entrepreneurial dream. Plus, Caraway has been so well received by the people of Saskatoon that it has surpassed our expectations. It feels like home here and the city has so much to offer. Saskatoon is always going to be special to us as this is where our journey towards our dream began.



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Tuesday-Friday: 11:30am-9:00pm

Saturday-Sunday: 12:00pm-9:30 pm

Monday- Closed