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Capitol Icecream


Capitol Icecream

Hi, my name is Jersey and I am the owner of Capitol Ice Cream. I’ve always loved working and treating others so a year ago I wrote down a menu and blueprints for an ice cream shack in my neighbourhood. When my mom (owner and founder of Smash Therapy) saw that Capitol Ice Cream was for rent, we took it the first chance we got. It was a quick and easy process because it was already built for such a business. We only needed to get the ice cream and the usual ice cream bar stuff.  


The best part about doing all this downtown is that it’s a popular part of the city and who doesn’t like the Capitol Music Club? Who doesn’t like ice cream either? It’s pretty perfect really. 


We are open weekend brunches 10-2 and Fridays 4-8. We will be open more come July and August, but for now, just 3 days a week because you know I have school and stuff.   My favourite things to do downtown are going to the mall and working at Capitol Ice Cream, of course. 


Saskatoon is where I’ve been born, and raised, It’s where I’ve learned a lot about almost everything.   There is also soooooooooo much to do. I do parkour and fight club….. oops…. Although I have never seen the movie, I know that the first rule about fight club is that YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.


My mom and I really like going to river landing or some of the beaches outside of the city as well.  Our favourite is poplar bluffs and I like going with my cousins and friends.


Thank you and I hope to get you all some ice cream soon. See you soon!

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Currently open Friday 4-8 and Weekend Brunch Hours. Hours expanding come July and August.