Downtown Saskatoon

Brent Penner, Executive Director
P: (306 ) 664-0709

Sarah Marchildon, Marketing & Communications Manager
P: (306 ) 664-0740

Tannis Miller, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
P: (306 ) 664-0710

Clean & Safe Team

Jamie Marushak, Operations Supervisor

Our amazing Ambassadors keep our streets clean and accessible to the patrons of Downtown Saskatoon. Tree and flower watering, graffiti removal, snow clearing, the list goes on! We have a pressure washer available to help with sidewalk clean up too. Please call (306) 664-0711 if they can be of assistance to you!

Community Support Officers

Our Community Support Officers work with the public, business owners & vulnerable persons to create safe streets for all. Their year round patrols focus mainly on the Downtown, Riversdale and Broadway areas of Saskatoon to address public concerns of street safety and provide support where needed.

To reach the Saskatoon Community Support Program:

P: (306) 382-6935
Visit their website for more information: