1.) How did you and Eric get into business together?

We both had a similar vision for a bar in mind, but we were then living in different cities. When we connected in Saskatoon, I was working for a very successful franchise but continued to work on that vision with Eric. This was the perfect opportunity for us to begin a community driven business built on music, relaxed vibes, comfort food and cocktails.
2.) Where did your Inspiration for Melody Bar come from?

Inspiration came from many different angles, but one major vision came from the movie, “Crazy Stupid Love”. The bar they had created in the movie was an inspiration for both of us. The atmosphere and style was something we knew would fit really well in Downtown Saskatoon. The vision for the bar also came from a collection of experiences I had in the music industry, and I just really wanted to grow that community here in my hometown.

3.) What can people expect when they visit?

The atmosphere will remind you of a subterranean hideaway complete with comfy leather couches, beautiful paintings, and a sense you’ve stepped into a Los Angelas or New York style underground lounge. People usually feel surprised about that when they enter, and leave with a sense of relaxation after having been able to unwind in the getaway-type of atmosphere.

4.) Favourite food and drink off the menu?
Favourite cocktail would be the “Clover Club”–a fresh gin, cucumber and raspberry cocktail.
Favourite tapas dish would be the “Kimchi Nachos”, which we’ve re-created to bring a simple dish to life.
7.) Best part of being located Downtown?
As our downtown community continues to grow, there’s more and more variety of folks in the area and we’re so excited to be apart of it, right in the heart of the city.
8.) Tell us one thing guests may not know about MB?
Something key we offer at Melody Bar would be our live music that happens on a weekly basis. We have live entertainment on both Thursday and Friday evenings, and have  well-known Funk/R&B DJs on the Saturday evenings.
9.) What kind of crowd hangs out at MB?
Typically, we have a lot of business clientele during the week, but that’s only a small portion of who comes in. We see people from young to mature and really anyone in between. Even though Melody Bar embodies class and style, we don’t have a particular dress code, and welcome really everyone.
10.) Any new and exciting future plans for MB you can share with us?
One thing I can share is that we expect to become a large part of the Downtown community and plan to become a larger part of the music community. People can expect us to become one of Saskatoon’s major Live Music Venues.
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