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WayToPark – NEW FlexParking App

Today marks the launch of the parking app for Saskatoon! Parking just became more flexible. The app is known as Way to Park.  It provides all the same functionalities to buy parking.  Once all user account info is entered, the app is a literal three step process to be parked, paid and on your way. Users can pay for parking from their smart phone, add time to an existing purchase from wherever they happen to be – in a meeting, at an appointment, or if that lunch or shopping visit ended up being longer than originally expected. The simplest way to do download the app is to search for “WayToPark” where you normally download apps to your mobile device. The app is available for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play). For further details, visit the links below. Info on the app will also soon be added to the parking stations themselves to help communicate the information to users. Click here for a PDF of FAQs. Click here to visit the City’s Flex Parking...

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Downtown Saskatoon welcomes Tannis Miller to the team!

#DTNYXE – Downtown Saskatoon is excited to welcome Tannis Miller to the team.  In her role of Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Tannis will continue to develop and execute all marketing initiatives: from organizing events and promoting the district, to engaging businesses and stakeholders in co-branding opportunities, and serving as the membership’s principal point of contact.  Tannis replaces Sarah Marchildon, as we wish her well on her upcoming maternity leave. Tannis is a recent graduate of the Creative Communications program in Winnipeg, Manitoba and came to us from Creative Fire, having helped develop the new DTNYXE brand. Not only is she an award-winning writer and author who specializes in public relations and communication management, she’s also worked in graphic design and multimedia production and loves pushing the envelope by bringing fresh, innovative ideas to life. Along with digital media and industry trends, Tannis has a deep interest in fashion, décor and food, and feels right at home in Downtown Saskatoon. Tannis’ contact information is or 306.664.0740. Please welcome Tannis warmly to the #DTNYXE...

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