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Spotlight On: Melody Bar

  1.) How did you and Eric get into business together? We both had a similar vision for a bar in mind, but we were then living in different cities. When we connected in Saskatoon, I was working for a very successful franchise but continued to work on that vision with Eric. This was the perfect opportunity for us to begin a community driven business built on music, relaxed vibes, comfort food and cocktails. 2.) Where did your Inspiration for Melody Bar come from? Inspiration came from many different angles, but one major vision came from the movie, “Crazy Stupid Love”. The bar they had created in the movie was an inspiration for both of us. The atmosphere and style was something we knew would fit really well in Downtown Saskatoon. The vision for the bar also came from a collection of experiences I had in the music industry, and I just really wanted to grow that community here in my hometown. 3.) What can people expect when they visit? The atmosphere will remind you of a subterranean hideaway complete with comfy leather couches, beautiful paintings, and a sense you’ve stepped into a Los Angelas or New York style underground lounge. People usually feel surprised about that when they enter, and leave with a sense of relaxation after having been able to unwind in the getaway-type of atmosphere. 4.) Favourite...

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Le Burger Week Sneak Peek!

With Saskatoon’s Le Burger Week starting Friday, September 1st, the anticipation is in full force and our bellies are rumbling. We want to give you a sneak peek at some of the extra delicious reasons you’ll be wanting to head Downtown because trust us, there are many. You’ve seen the official roster of restaurants on our Instagram and Facebook pages, but just to whet your appetite, how about a glimpse of what just a few restaurants are preparing for us? (Remember, the official list will be up on on September 1st!) Not only are these burgers ever so...

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Le Burger Week – Sticks & Stones

For the first time in Saskatchewan, Downtown Saskatoon will be hosting it’s very first Le Burger Week. Le what? Le burger week. Sorry, our mouths were full. It’s a week long festival that celebrates the best burgers in Canada, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. Beginning in Montreal six years ago, the festival now generates over 150,000 participants in cities including: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Quebec City, Ottawa, Calgary, Cleveland, Buffalo–and now Saskatoon! Not only does our city have a thriving culinary scene, but in our humble opinion, it ranks as one of...

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